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The Menu


Remit: "Design an original, modern looking site with five main sections, easy navigation, search-engine optimised with content management to allow us to change specific pages when we want.
A password protected control panel with file upload, search and download management to allow us to create groups of users for our customers to manage their own on-line data."
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A dynamic drop down menu was created to help simplify the list of menu options. Only the sub-pages relevant to the chosen section are displayed.

The control panel allows the owners to create groups of users for their customers. Customers can then login and share on-line files like word, spreadsheets and AutoCAD blocks and drawings. All files are catalogued in a searchable database and can have private, group and public access rights (guest account shown below with limited access).

An advanced on-line file manager was developed to allow users to easily mange their files in a "windows-like" environment.

The file manager has a persistent clipboard allowing users to "cherry pick" files from any folder before copying, moving, deleting.

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